OCR Advanced GCE in Chemistry

This wikibook textbook is for the 2009 A2 Level OCR Chemistry papers, specifically for those taking the trends and patterns option. The best way of using this book is as a revision guide as it (will have) everything you need to know in but not much else. To develop further understanding read around the essential information provided.

Details about this course, including the specification, can be found at: http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/as_alevelgce/chemistry/index.html

Past paper exams can be found at: http://www.thepaperbank.co.uk/

100% developed  as of Jan, 2009 has been used to indicate completion of essential content but there is room for development in some chapters.


A2 Exams

Chains, Rings and Spectroscopy

Trends and Patterns

Transition Metals

It is best to review the transition metal section in the trends and patterns module before this section

Unifying Concepts