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Procedures in nursing : preliminary and advanced 1923 McCrae
Modern Methods in Nursing 1922
Texbook of Surgical Nursing 1921 Ralph & Manelva
Principles of surgical nursing: A Guide to Modern Surgical Technic 1918 Wanhuis
Genrwal Nursing 1917 Luckes
Elementary nursing procedures for training schools for nurses 1915 California Bureau
Practical nursing; a text-book for nurses 1914 Maxwell & Pope
Outlines of general and surgical nursing 1912 Lindsay
Notes on Nursing by Florence Nightingale (1880)
Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front 1914-1915
The White Linen Nurse by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott (fiction 1913)
A text-book of nursing 1902 Week-Shaw
Our army nurses. American civil war nurses (1895)
Surgical Nursing 1899 Voswinkel
The Nursing sister : a manual for candidates and novices of hospital communities 1899
Manual of Nursing 1898 Cullingworth
Practical points in nursing for nurses in private practice 1897 Stoney
Nursing: its principles and practice. For hospital and private use 1893 Robb
Lectures on Medical Nursing: Delivered in the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow 1883