Numerical Methods Qualification Exam Problems and Solutions (University of Maryland)/Aug09 667

Problem 4Edit

Given the two-point boundary value problem


Problem 4aEdit

Set up the finite element approximation for this problem, based on piecewise linear elements in equidistant points. Determine the convergence rate in an appropriate norm

Solution 4aEdit


Find   such that for all  


or after integrating by parts and including initial conditions


Discrete Variational FormEdit

  piecewise linear  

  is basis for  ; 








Find   such that for all  


Since   forms a basis


Therefore we have system of equations




Convergence RateEdit

In general terms, we can use Cea's Lemma to obtain


In particular, we can consider   as the Lagrange interpolant, which we denote by  . Then,


It's easy to prove that the finite element solution is nodally exact. Then it coincides with the Lagrange interpolant, and we have the following punctual estimation:


Problem 4bEdit

Explain whether   is necessary for the convergence in part (a).

Solution 4bEdit

If  , then the stiffness matrix is diagonally dominant and hence solvable.

Solution 4Edit

Problem 5Edit

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Problem 6Edit

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