Nuclear Medicine/Infection

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Popular Imaging Agents edit

99mTc-Medronate (MDP) edit

Indium labeled WBCs edit

Gallium-67 edit

99mTc-Sulfur Colloid edit

99mTc-MDP edit

Experimental Imaging Agents edit

18F-FTG PET edit

99mTc-Fanolesomab edit

Immunocompromised Infection edit

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Fever of Unknown Origin edit

Post Transplant/Operative edit

Cardiac edit

  • Scintography of post heart transplant infections have not been extensively studied, however, Gallium, Indium-111 WBC, and Tc99m HMPAO have been used.
    • PMID 16485569 -- "Value of radionuclide studies in cardiac transplantation." (Flotats A, Carrió I. 2005 Ann Nucl Med. 2006 Jan;20(1):13-21.)

Central Nervous System edit

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Cardiovascular edit

  • Also see above "Post Transplant/Operative" - Cardiac

Osteomyelitis edit

The Diabetic Patient edit

Appendicitis edit

    • ^ SAMPLE PMID 19426925 - "2008 Santa Fe Bone Symposium: update on osteoporosis." Lewiecki EM, Baim S, Bilezikian JP, Eastell R, LeBoff MS, Miller PD. (J Clin Densitom. 2009 Apr-Jun;12(2):135-57.)

Acronyms used:

  • MDP - Medronate or
  • 18F-FTG PET - (18)Fluorine-fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography