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Nuclear Fusion Physics and Technology

Nuclear Fusion Physics and Technology deals with nuclear fusion in tokamaks. This plasma devices may generate clean energy one day, thus heavy research is under way. This wikibook should provide professional knowledge base for fusion scientists in definition-theorem-proof scheme. Consistent theory will be provided from short mathematical summary of algebra, calculus and statistics across nuclear physics and plasma physics to tokamak physics and it's technology.

The mathematical summaries should provide basic mathematical constructions used in physical theory and it's notation. Basic definitions should be provided along with basic theorems, however theorem proofs are not required. This should make clear of used definitions, especially if several different versions are used in professional literature.

The physical summaries provide full physical theory with it's proofs (experiments may be listed as proof), however only in range needed by tokamak physics.

The plasma physics and tokamak technology chapters contain full-proved physical theory used in common research. The Tokamak Basic Technology chapter describes minimal tokamak subsystems required for plasma or fusion reaction. The Tokamak Advanced Technology chapter refers to well-known empiric problems, which prevent us from fusion power plant achievement. Links are provided to previous mathematical and physical definitions and theorems mentioned in summaries.

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Plasma Physics

Fusion Physics

Tokamak Basic Technology

Tokamak Advanced Technology