Note Taking/Outline Format

This format is useful when you are taking notes on one subject at a time, or when you are trying to organize something into different categories. You would start with an initial topic like this

  • How to take notes
Outline format
Outline format

Then you would add the subject that had to do with taking notes

  • How to take notes
    • Methods for organizing notes
    • How to keep notes concise
    • How to make notes memorable/easy to recall

For each of these subjects you would add more subjects that stemmed from them

You may also want to come up with a way to organize your outline format.

An example would be

  • 1.(number) Initial subject
    • A.(letter)Subheading
      • I.(roman numeral) sub subheading

for the first initial subject you would use the number 1, and for each additional subject you would add 1 to the number. In this way you would not get lost when looking at your notes.