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How do I make a GUI in Python?
You can use one of these library: TKinter, PyQt, PyGobject. For really simple graphics, you can use the turtle graphics mode import turtle
How do I make a game in Python?
The best method is probably to use PyGame at
How do I make an executable from a Python program?
Short answer: Python is an interepreted language so that is impossible. Long answer is that something similar to an executable can be created by taking the Python interpreter and the file and joining them together and distributing that. For more on that problem see
(IFAQ) Why do you use first person in this tutorial?
Once upon a time in a different millennia, (1999 to be exact), an earlier version was written entirely by Josh Cogliati, and it was up on his webpage and it was good. Then the server rupert, like all good things than have a beginning came to an end, and Josh moved it to Wikibooks, but the first person writing stuck. If someone really wants to change it, I will not revert it, but I don't see much point. (The webpage has since moved to and )
My question is not answered.
Ask on the discussion page or add it to this FAQ, or email one of the Authors.

For other FAQs, you may want to see the Python 2.6 version of this page Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python 2.6/FAQ, or the Python FAQ.

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