Nomenclatural Citations/Agaricus/carnosior

Nomenclatural Citations: Taxon overview

Agaricus carnosior is a species of Fungi.

Authors: Peck, Charles H., 1869
Published in: 23rd Report of the Regents of the University on the New York State Cabinet of Natural History
Reference: Grevillea 1: 2

Original description (English)


Pileus thick, fleshy, obconic, at first convex, then plane or slightly depressed, subumbonate, brown, the margin at first involute, at length expanded, thin; gills white, not crowded, some of them forked; stem concolorous with the pileus, fibrillose, slightly tapering upwards.
Pine woods. West Albany and Sandlake. Sept.-Oct.
Height 2-4 in., breadth of pileus 1-3 in., stem 3-6 lines thick. The flesh is moist, soft, and white, sometimes caespitose. Taste pleasant.