Nomenclatural Citations/Agaricus/albo-flavidus

Nomenclatural Citations: Taxon overview

Agaricus albo-flavidus is a species of Fungi.

Authors: Peck, Charles H., 1869
Published in: 23rd Report of the Regents of the University on the New York State Cabinet of Natural History
Reference: Grevillea 1: 2

Original description (English)


Pileus at first convex, with the margin incurved, then expanded, or slightly depressed, moist, smooth, even white, in exposed places becoming yellowish; gills close, narrow, thin, emarginate and decurrent with a tooth; stem whitish, equal, solid, striato-fibrillose, with a thin tough cuticle.
Ground in woods and open fields. Sandlake and North Elba. August.
Height 3-4 in.; breadth of pileus 2-3 in.; stem about 3 lines thick. The pileus is sometimes slightly and broadly umbonate.