Niw Englisc/Grammar/Prepositions and Postpositions

Each preposition governs one or more cases of noun, which determine the definite article and adjective forms, and inflections of the nouns.


  • andlang alongside
  • for because of
  • ȝonseids on that side of
  • innen inside of
  • onstaal instead of
  • þisseids on this side of
  • uten outside of
  • Wiȝ sind for þes Wedders læt We're late because of the weather
  • Scie is ȝonseids þer Burg She's on that side of the city.
  • Wiȝ treddeden andlang þes Streames We walked along the stream.
  • Ic sawe Mockingjay onstaal þes Filmes The Shadow. I saw Mockingjay instead of the movie The Shadow.


  • buten: except; free from
  • fram: from, by (passive agent)
  • mid: together with, with, among


  • It warþ fram meiner Swester geslagen it was hit by my sister
  • Hje sind fram Frankland they are from France
  • Ic em mid meiner Moder I am together with my mother


  • ȝond throughout, during
  • up to, till, as far as, until
  • þurh through; by (passive agent)
  • um around, about


  • ȝond þie Wuke during the week
  • um mein Huus around my house
  • um 7 Uhr about seven o'clock
  • Wiȝ bleifeþ oþ þen Æfen We're staying till the evening.
  • Þein Auto was þurh mein Auto geslagen your car was hit by my car.


  • betwix: between
  • buten: outside of
  • in: w.d. in; w.a. in, inside, into
  • ofer
  • on: w.d.a. on
  • under: w.d.a. under
  • wiþ: w.d. against (opposition); from (separation); w.a. with, at; w.d.a. beside, opposite, near;


  • ic fehte wiþ him I'm fighting against him
  • þu gæst wiþ þeines Bruders Huus you're going from your brother's house
  • Ga wiþ þat Auto and beleife. Go beside that car and wait.
  • he stændeþ buten þem Huus. Ic ga buten þat Huus. He's standing outside of the house. I'm going out of the house.
  • Laak ofer þen Hund! Leap over the dog!
  • Meine Bok is underm Beod. My book is under the table.


Like German, some prepositions merge with the definite article to form an abbreviated form. The most common are:

  • in þem -> im
  • on þem -> om
  • in þat -> int
  • on þat -> ont
  • innen þes -> innens


  • Hje gingen innens Huuses they went inside the house
  • Ic em im Auto I'm in the car
  • Mein Katte is om Bedd My cat is on the bed