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Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Control Arms/Reviews

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Please write your own reviews as applicable. Please only reply if you have owned the pieces yourself. Also please include your email address for reference.


Battle VersionEdit

I personally have every piece replaced with Battle Version linkage and I have been extremely impressed. No visible wear on any of the pieces after many track days and a year of daily driving. Excellent customer service as well. -



Power TrixEdit


I have Tein inner tie rods. They were very cheep, S14/Z32 size and came with the inner spacers to help with the steering angle. -



I have had their outer tie rods and I have been impressed with the quality of the pieces. Very nicely made and improve the steering feel greatly. I wouldn’t run them for daily driving because the pot holes and constant movement and jolts may wear them prematurely. -

Energy SuspensionEdit

I have these for my steering rack bushings. Also helped with the steering feel and they were much cheaper than nismo's comparable units. -

I have the ES Master bushing kit for my 89... great kit for the price. Keep in mind that the install is quite a job, most of the bushings you eed to remove have a metal collar that will either need to be pressed out, or more than likely if you're doing it yourself, cut out with a hacksaw. Once installed the kit is great. -




SPL PartsEdit

I'm running SPL T/C rods and tie rods w/ Z32 inner tie rods. All the parts have performed as expected, and there is literally no play in the front end at all. VERY thick, sturdy parts at a good price. - IMPerfection

Chrome plated pieces easily rust but are fine after powder coating. Shinhed

Megan RacingEdit

I installed Megan Racing traction control links and toe control rods on my S13 a couple of months ago and have not had any problems so far. They have held up just fine under some spirited driving and they show no signs of wear, rust, etc. I've been under the car several times since I installed them and the parts are cinched in as tightly as the day that I installed them.