Nintendogs/Getting Started

When you begin playing, you get to adopt a Nintendog. Before you can name it, you have to spend some time petting it and getting it used to you. Finally, your Nintendog will adapt to its new surroundings and be ready for a name. Think of a good name, as you will never be able to change your puppy's name once it learns it. As repetition is key to learning, the game requires you to repeat the name several times before the puppy can learn it, and several times once more after it learns it so that it can get used to its new name. This method of repetition will be used only too often in the game, as you have to repeat the command many times before your Nintendog will learn a new trick.

On that first day it is important to introduce your Nintendog to what will soon become its daily schedule. Feed and water it. Brush it. Give it a bath. Take it on a walk. All of this is important to keeping your Nintendog happy. It is also wise to go to the store on that first day, and stock up on toys, food, and accessories. Though you might protest, wanting to save up for another Nintendog, trust me: Your pup deserves the best.