Nimrod Programming/Why learn Nimrod?

Why Learn Nimrod?Edit

Before answering why you should learn something it's better to know what is that something. So..

What is Nimrod?Edit

Nimrod is a programming language, you know, those flowings of expressions which are used in movies and which seem to work by black magic. The truth it's that it's no black magic (indeed, it's no magic at all!) it's a language, what's more, a language used to interact with a computer. Programming languages (themselves) can't be used to pass information for that you would need a normal language, instead they pass instructions, they are like grandma's recipes, they tell people (in this case computers) how to achieve a set of things.

Nimrod description as a programming languageEdit

Nimrod it's a compiled language (What means it is compiled?). So why choose a language which it's potentially difficult? (due to the fact that it is compiled) because it isn't. Nimrod it's that one in a million which is it not really difficult (as it could be C or C++) but neither slow.

Nimrod's objectivesEdit

Nimrod want be a programming languages like this:

  • Elegant
  • Efficient (this is to be very fast and to consume less resources)
  • Expressive

(Triple E :P)