New Zealand History/Introduction

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Introduction to A Concise New Zealand History edit

This is a concise textbook on New Zealand history, designed so it can be read by virtually anyone wanting to find out more about New Zealand history.

The textbook covers the time span of human settlement in New Zealand. It includes:

  • The discovery and colonisation of New Zealand by Polynesians.
  • Maori culture up to the year 1840.
  • Discovery of New Zealand by Europeans.
  • Early New Zealand economy and Missionaries in New Zealand.
  • The Treaty of Waitangi.
  • European colonisation, and conflict with the Maori people.
  • Colonial, Twentieth Century and Modern Government.
  • Important events in the twentieth century and recent times.

Find out how events in New Zealand's humble beginnings have shaped the way the country is in the present day.

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