Neuro Linguistic Programming



Neuro Linguistic Programming is commonly understood as a set of tools that can effect

  • Personal Change
  • Excellent Relationships
  • Producing real results in Life
  • Self Motivation

NLP can effect these changes often extremely fast. NLP changes typically take less than 1 hour.



NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder



NLP can be defined in many ways:

1. NLP is the Study of excellence Anthony Robbins, a leading self-development coach, says that "NLP is the study of excellence". NLP has been defined by many as the art or science or technology of excellence.

2. NLP is a set of tools for reaching excellence This is how NLP is commonly understood.

3. NLP is duplicating excellence NLP is understood by many as a set of tools that helps someone study and duplicate the structure of excellence.

4. NLP is about what works Commonly described by the leaders in the field as "If it works, it is NLP"

5. NLP is the study of subjective experience NLP is a way to get scientific about the subjective experience of event or events in a person's Life.

6. NLP is a state of curiosity Almost like attributing a spiritual meaning to NLP. NLP is defined as a state in which one becomes curious.

7. NLP is about Self State Management A rigorous and simplistic definition that states that NLP boils down to managing one's own state of mind.