Network Lab/Introduction

This Wikibook is presented as part of the research results of the collaborative production of scientific knowledge on blog and wiki formats - research and language experimentation, funded by FAPEMIG between 2008 and 2010 (APQ - 01254-08). The study, which was developed within the Group for Research and Communication Networks hypermedia (Web site) until early 2010, has moved to UFMG, and is now based at LINK - UFMG. Initially involving researchers and students of PUC Minas, UFMG on the areas of Media, Sociology and Computer Science, has now concentrates on the same subject areas, with the participation of students and researches of UFMG.

The central problem of research, which refers to the nature of collaboration in the blog and wiki environments and outcome of the knowledge produced in such collaborative conditions, could be summarized as follows: would the wiki platform be compatible to the cooperative development of knowledge, while the blog would provide better knowledge to the collaborative development? Or, is the cooperation an enhanced form of collaboration? And what does 'improved' means in terms of collective production of scientific knowledge in the network? Or is there any difference between collaboration and cooperation, as co-laboring and laboring co-operation involving, ie work or work operation, in both cases together?

This Wikibook is open to the participation of all those interested in the matter, to operate some work on these issues or to work them operationally. The contributions of all are of great importance for the final results of the survey.