Network Lab/Intermedia

The contemporary intermidiates dynamics takes into account the proliferation of increasingly intense ambience of informational exchange between diverse media, but densely interconnected. Increasingly opaque and imprecise, the contours are mixed media on the Internet. This, in turn, is characterized today by going through several ambiences media devices through contemporary communication and interactional processes that belong to them, forming a web intermidiates, multifaceted and ever expanding which Gómez (2006) refers to as a complex ecosystem communicative.

The term was coined in intermedia mid-1960s by Dick Higgins, a founder of the Fluxus group, to characterize what he called intermedia work, or works of art that was built at the intersection of two or more modes. Nowadays, the intermidiates dynamics takes into account the mix of logical communication dissonant - but connected - which integrate information flows of mass collaborative flow of information, creating a heterogeneous and unstable web of genres and formats mongrels. For Castells (2006) traditional media is part of the autonomous networks of communication in an attempt to follow this trend that he calls intercommunication in which one medium influences the other and from which emerges a genuinely new information system: the mass self communication - a form of mass communication produced, received and experienced individually.

The information flows that emerge from contemporary intermediates dynamics involve different processes of social mediation, both marked by massive and dynamic collaborative information. The processes of social mediation become more complex as they become seemingly more free. Information freely produced and freely edited, such as in the wiki environment, demand integrated processes of social mediation, which differ depending on the nature of collaboration, administration, moderation, assessment, contribution, etc comment. The collaborations involve advanced technological resources, which occur through various forms of social interaction, resulting in mutual assistance, trust, competition, conflict, prestige, etc.