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Most Neopian games can be found on the Games page, but there are a couple that don't fit into the regular catagories and can only be accessed through certain other methods (Alternative Games). However, these games are fairly rare, and in some cases have strict rules, (ie - you can only play Deadly Dice at 12:00 Neopets' time.) so this page will be focussed on those games that can be found on the games page.

Neopets has a wide variety of games available, categorized into Action, Puzzles, and Luck/Chance. Many Neopets games are actually based on well known, previously existing games, such as Snake (Meerca Chase) or Asteroids (Nimo's Pond), while others are innovative ideas.


Each game is also assigned a difficulty level: Easy, Medium, or Hard, shown through a small star thumbnail beside the games. The difficulty ratings seem to refer to the challenge involved in playing them, rather than involved in earning neopoints from the game, as many of the games that are labelled as Hard can actually have higher payouts than the "easier" games.

Featured GameEdit

There is also a daily Featured Game which is picked at random from the Action or Puzzle games. This game is given a special place of prominence on the Games page, and also pays out twice as many neopoints per play as that game normally would.

On featured games, the 1000 np cap is applied before the score is doubled, and you can win up to 2000 np per play.

NP RatioEdit

Each game has a NP ratio, which is shown on that game's page.

High Scores and TrophiesEdit

Each Neopets game has a high scores table, which records 100 top scores for that month. At the end of each day, the users with the top 17 scores get a prize of a trophy for their userlookup, and a small number of neopoints. The high scores list is reset on the first day of every month, which allows people a fresh shot at getting the best scores.

Some games do not have high scores, but instead give out trophies for getting past a certain point in the game, or for accomplishing a certain tricky play. At the moment, this only applies to some puzzle games, although it is also possible to get trophies for some non-game activities.







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Action, puzzle & luck/chance guides can be found at this neopets site.