The Giant Jelly:

  • Gives you a free piece of jelly
  • Jelly gives your neopets two meals per day
  • Time limit: Once per day

The Giant Omelette:

  • Gives you a free piece of omelette
  • Omelette gives your neopets three meals per day

The Soup Kitchen

  • May be used an infinite number of times per day as long as you have under 3,000 NP. Most will not be able to use the soup kitchen, and will not need to.

Free 7Eleven Rice Ball:

  • Gives your pet a free coloured rice ball
  • Feeds automaticaly - no item
  • Time limit: Once per day per pet

Free Islandberry Crunch

  • Gives your pet a free Neopets© Islandberry Crunch™
  • Feeds automatically - no item
  • Time limit: Once per day per pet


  • Gives your pet a Coca Cola for 25 NP
  • Feeds automatically - no item
  • Time limit: Once per day per pet

Luck of the drawEdit

Coltzan's shrine * Will often level up your pets

  • There are unconfirmed speculations about breakdowns for time:
  • Speed: Every fifth second of the hour
  • Defense: Every tenth second of the hour
  • Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour
  • Endurance (hit points) : Every hour of the day
  • Level: Every two hours of the day
  • Burnt Food: 11:00 - 12:00 NST
  • Dubloons: 55 seconds past the minute
  • Time limit: once every 12 hours
  • at 12:00 midnight nst (or as people call it : neopets time) you can get 1 million neopoints
  • Please note, it has been confirmed that this game is totally RANDOM now
  • It can sometimes make you richer by 200nps or so.

Fruit machine

  • You will lose more often than win, but it may occasionally give large prizes, and is completely free
  • Can win neopoints, fruit, PetPets or a Paintbrush (which can be sold for a ton of Neopoints)
  • Time limit: once per day


  • Anything ending in a 0, 2, or 5 wins a prize and some neopoints
  • This theoretically gives you a 30% chance of winning
  • Even if you don't win, the likelyhood of earning a "booby prize" is quite high
  • Time limit: Once per day
  • Usually not there aroung midnight nst

The Snowager The Snowager is located in Terror Mountain in the Ice Caves. He guards a treasure that can be stolen when he sleeps, but be careful, your entry can wake him up. If it does, he will either challenge your neopet in the Battledome or just fire an attack at you, which will reduce your pet's HP.

  • The Snowagers treasure contains neggs, scratchcards, minor weapons and petpets among other things.
  • A Guild (WeBeFreaks) has a snowager counter that counts down the time until he is asleep. There is also a counter in the 'Shuttlehopper' shop and the 'Fantasmicfreak' shop if you can't find another one.
  • Time limit: Can only be visited once per sleep and hands out one item if you win.
  • Snowager currently sleeps at 6:00 am, 2:00 pm and 10:00 pm (neopets time).

Underwater Fishing The Fishing Cave is located in the Maraquan Ruins, and has a number representing your active pet's "fishing skill". It is as yet uncertian wether or not this affects what you catch.

  • You will more often pull out useless junk than fish. e.g. Old shoes, broken fishing rods, driftwood.
  • Most people will get a fish the first time they go, but it takes patience to get another one.

More Random Events

  • Getting more random events is simple
  • First buy a whole lot of 1np junk (dung doesn't work) then donate it to the money tree
  • It counts quantity not quality so 1np items works best


Faerie Healing Springs:

  • Heals your pets (although sometimes not completely)
  • Sometimes hands out free healing potions or snowballs
  • One particular healing potion given out is worth 1k so aim for it!
  • You can return to the healing faerie every 30 minutes

Time of YearEdit

Advent Calendar

  • Gives you free items of neopoints
  • Time limit: once a day during the month of December
  • On July 7th, of 2006, the advent calendar gave out 1000 neopoints and some summer-themed items. It didnt give anything out after.


  • Gives a food item identical to the amount of pets you own
  • Time limit: once every month

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