Natural Disasters/Tornado

A tornado.

Preparation edit

  • If you are able, build a storm shelter inside your dwelling, or identify a suitable sturdy space in the innermost lowermost portion of the structure.[1]
  • Stock your shelter with the usual emergency supplies,[2] plus the following:
    • Some suggest that wearing a helmet during a tornado may prevent head injury.[3]
    • Keep closed toe shoes in your shelter.[2] When the tornado is over, you may have to enter a debris filled landscape. Emergency services will be stressed following an event, so it's important that you don't injure yourself by stepping on a stray nail or glass shard.
    • A thick fabric sheet to cover your body and eyes.
    • Safety Goggles

During edit

Watch vs. Warning edit

During a Tornado Watch a tornado is possible but not yet confirmed - This is a good time to make preperations.[4] A Tornado Warning means a tornado has been confirmed - Seek shelter immediately.[4]

Finding Shelter edit

When a Tornado warning is in effect, seek the nearest shelter possible and stay there until the danger has passed. Avoid windows, vehicles, and

Common Mistakes edit

  • Never open windows - this just wastes time.[5]
  • Never seek shelter in an underpass - wind patterns increase the danger.[6]
  • Don't panic.

After edit

Damage following a tornado may be significant, impacting utilities, basic infrastructure, and straining emergency services.

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