Natural Disasters/Mitigation

Some natural disasters can be mitigated before they happen at all. While many mitigation strategies require large scale infrastructure, some do not.

Here are some general mitigation strategies which can be done on a personal level:

  • Build away from active risks.
  • Have a few days worth of emergency supplies.
    • Keeping some non perishable and non refrigerated food, water, and protective equipment suitable for your area on hand is most important.
    • Ideally, supplement this with a first aid kit, flashlight, and an emergency radio.
    • If possible, have a power supply, such as a generator, or off the grid renewable source. If you don't have the means to have these on hand, consider at least keeping spare batteries for essential equipment.
    • If you rely on a specific medication, always get it refilled at a pharmacy few days prior to running out, rather then just in time.
    • Have a schedule to take inventory. Check to make sure your stored food, water, and batteries are still good.


Global risk level map.