NCEA Level 1 Science/Overview

Introduction edit

"Science is, at its best, a creative pursuit driven by a search for meaning and better understanding of the world around us"

-(The Awa book of Science; R.Priestley.Ed.)

Science influences our lives more and more each day.

As we face the excitement of new scientific discoveries and the challenges these pose, it is necessary that we equip ourselves with a good understanding of scientific ideas. A really good knowledge base will allow us to make decisions free of superstition and misinformation as the 21st century proceeds.

The open source nature of this text empowers learners to actively contribute and participate in the learning process. Success in science depends on what happens during the journey, rather than the destination and this open source alternative learning resource will engage senior science learners, nurturing, inspiring and empowering a new generation of passionate global citizens in this rapidly changing world.

Additional tools edit

An extremely useful New Zealand revision website is Studyit by the Ministry of Education. Here, you can find study and exam advice, encouragement tips, subject revision, NCEA requirements and discussion forums. NCEA Level 1 is almost equivalent to GCSE so another great website is GCSE Bitesize. If you need support, check out BBC Student Life which allows you to chat to other young people about school.