Mythology/Semitic Mythology/Adam and Eve

After God created man, he planted a garden named Eden and placed the man inside to guard it and tend to it. He named the man Adam. God then showed all the creatures he had created to Adam, so that Adam could name them, thus giving the animals their names. Adam was instructed that he could eat from any plant in the garden, except the Tree of Knowledege that stood in the centre, next to the tree of life; this tree gave knowledge of what was good and what was bad. God told Adam that he would die upon ingesting the fruit of that tree. God then set about finding a suitable companion for Adam. None of the animals, however, were suitable, so God put Adam into a deep sleep. As Adam was sleeping, God removed one of his ribs, and created the first woman out of it. This woman was named Eve. One day, Eve was walking about the garden when a snake came to her. This snake asked her if it was true that she could not eat from any tree in the garden. Eve told him that this wasn't true, she could eat of any tree except the Tree of Knowledge. The snake then proceeded to tempt Eve into eating the fruit, and seeing how good the fruit would taste, and thinking of how great it would be to have knowledge of what is good and what is bad, Eve took a bite. She then gave the fruit to Adam, who ate it also. Both of them obtained knowledge of what is good and what is bad, and they realized they were naked. Embarassed, they covered themselves up with fig leaves. When God was walking through the garden, they hid from him, but God found them and asked them why they were hiding. They told him what had taken place, and God pronounced judgement. For tempting Eve, the snake was made to crawl on the ground and eat the dirt; the offspring of both snake and man were also made to hate each other. For eating the fruit, Eve was given increased pain in childbirth, and was made subservient to her husband. For also eating the fruit, Adam was doomed to work very hard to grow enough food out of the soil for himself. The soil was to produce thorns and weeds. Both Adam and Eve were given animal skins to wear, and were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.