Myers-Briggs Type Indicator/Temperaments

There are four temperaments: SJ, SP, NT, and NF.


Sensing judgers, or traditionalists, are practical people that keep the home fires burning and businesses working. They're always aware of who owns what and which social positions are held by whom. Their quest is to run everything, and they are often good at doing so.


Sensing perceivers, or experiencers, are adventurous, fun-loving, observant, physically skillful, impatient, easily bored, and good with tools and art. They want to be happy and make others happy too.


Intuitive thinkers, or conceptualizers, are analytical, impersonal, intellectual, rather unworldly, absent-minded, and are more likely to forget appointments. They continually seek to acquire new skills and pride themselves on their skills, logic, and efficiency.


Intuitive feelers, or idealists, understand people and tend to be aware of people's feelings. They can be warm, sympathetic friends, but find offense in the smallest careless remark. They tend to be very skillful negotiators and good with words.