This page will provide a list of places mentioned and visited in the Harry Potter series of novels. Emphasis is given to places where a substantial amount of action has occurred, or that play a significant off-stage role in the story arc. Primarily, this page will consist of links to more in-depth articles about these places.

We note that some places are also institutions (e.g. the Ministry of Magic) or groups of people (e.g. the House of Gaunt). Articles linked from this page will concern themselves with the location; other aspects will be covered in articles under different headings.


Places where many events happen and/or where the characters spend a great deal of time.


Beginner warning: Details follow which you may not wish to read at your current level.

Places that are only visited once or a handful of times but where significant events may have occurred.


Places that are only referenced but are significant enough to be known amongst certain characters.