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Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter - Character
Gender Male
Hair color Unknown (long ponytail)
Eye color Unknown
Related Family Unknown
Loyalty Ministry of Magic

Overview edit

Williamson is an Auror for the Ministry of Magic. He is described as a scarlet robed wizard with a very long ponytail.

Role in the Books edit

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Order of the Phoenix edit

We first see Williamson when Arthur Weasley takes Harry Potter to his Ministry hearing. Though he isn't named, Harry sees him with his booted feet up on his desk, dictating a report to a charmed quill.

We later see Williamson arrive at the Ministry with Cornelius Fudge and other aurors just in time to see Lord Voldemort escaping with Bellatrix Lestrange. He is the first one to acknowledge that Voldemort has undeniably returned, much to his and Fudge's shock. He and Dawlish were then ordered by Fudge to go inspect the Department of Mysteries.

Strengths edit

As he is an auror, it's likely that Williamson is stronger magically than most wizards, particularly in defensive spells and curses.

Weaknesses edit

Relationships with Other Characters edit

Analysis edit

We are making something of an assumption in this case: that the red-robed wizard with the long ponytail that we see in the Auror's headquarters early in the book is the same as the red-robed wizard with the ponytail that we see in the Atrium near the end of the book. The latter wizard is named by Fudge, and is sent on a task appropriate for an Auror, but the former is not identified. The author uses her characters efficiently, though, so it is likely that the two wizards are one and the same.

Questions edit

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Greater Picture edit

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