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Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter - Character
Gender Male
Hair color Bushy grey
Eye color Unknown
Related Family Unknown
Loyalty Lord Voldemort


Travers (first name unknown) is a tall, thin Death Eater, part of Voldemort's organization in both his first and second times in power.

Role in the BooksEdit

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Goblet of FireEdit

As part of his attempt to plea-bargain his way out of Azkaban, Igor Karkaroff accuses Travers of killing Marlene McKinnon and her family. While this is ancient history at the time, Karkaroff having been imprisoned during Voldemort's first reign of terror, we see it in this book thanks to Professor Dumbledore's Pensieve.

Order of the PhoenixEdit

Travers may have been among the Death Eaters who escaped from Azkaban during the mass breakout, though his name is not noted.

Deathly HallowsEdit

We first hear of Travers in this book when Kingsley Shacklebolt tells us that Travers' hood had fallen off when Kingsley had cursed him during the escape from Privet Drive. At the time, Kingsley says that Travers is supposed to still be in Azkaban, but there evidently has been a mass breakout that hasn't been reported.

Travers is mentioned in passing when Harry and Hermione, invading the Ministry of Magic in search of the Locket Horcrux, run into Dolores Umbridge. Dolores asks Hermione, who is disguised as Mafalda Hopkirk, if Travers had sent her; evidently, Travers is then working in the Improper Use of Magic Office at a higher rank than Mafalda.

Travers and another Death Eater, Selwyn, answer Xenophilius Lovegood's summons. They are annoyed and sarcastic, this is evidently the third time Xeno has summoned them, and while he is saying that he has Harry Potter in the house, they don't believe him, thinking that it's another scheme of his to get his daughter Luna released.

Travers is in Diagon Alley when Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Griphook are on their way to break in to Gringotts Wizarding Bank. As Hermione is disguised as Bellatrix Lestrange, he is initially unsuspicious; however, he seems to sense some odd things happening as the scheme unfolds, and eventually Harry has to put him under the Imperius curse to keep him out of the way. Under Harry's orders, then, he follows them into the tunnels, and finally Harry sends him off to try and hide himself.

Travers is later briefly seen during the final battle. It's not known what happened to him following this event however.



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Greater PictureEdit

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