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Sir Cadogan
Gender Male
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Related Family Unknown



Sir Cadogan is one of the portraits at Hogwarts. He is in a habit of taunting people as they pass.

Role in the Books

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Perhaps because of his habit of challenging all who pass, Sir Cadogan's portrait is hung in one of the upper and more remote corridors of the castle. Harry, Ron, and Hermione request his assistance in finding the Divination classroom on their first day of classes; he provides it by moving from picture to picture in the correct direction.

When Sirius Black attempts to destroy the portrait of The Fat Lady, in retaliation for her not letting him into the Gryffindor Common Room, Sir Cadogan takes her place. He retains that position until he allows Sirius into the Gryffindor common room because he happened to have the password; he is then returned to the upper reaches of the castle.

Sir Cadogan is mentioned briefly by Bill Weasley when he and Mrs. Weasley meet Harry before watching him as he competes in the Third Task. Bill asks Harry if the painting containing Sir Cadogan still remains in Hogwarts, later saying how he hasn't been to the school in five years, most likely since he graduated. This indicates that Sir Cadogan has been in the castle for at least five years, but probably more.

Sir Cadogan is mentioned as one of the portraits who shout encouragement to the defenders of Hogwarts. As Harry is on his way to the Room of Requirement, where he now believes Rowena Ravenclaw's lost diadem is hidden, Sir Cadogan paces him for a while, shouting words of encouragement.



He knows his way round Hogwarts well, and shows Harry where to go for his first lesson of Divination. He is also very brave, always willing to accept a Quest or a Challenge. It seems that he generally considers any request for assistance to be a Quest.



Sir Cadogan isn't good at fighting at all. He is extremely clumsy, dropping his sword, or getting it stuck in the turf, and can never get onto his pony. Another weakness, of course, is that his horse is a pony, rather than a more typical charger. As mentioned in Strengths, above, he is very brave, but he actually seems brave to the point of foolhardiness; he will seemingly accept any challenge, even one that would result in the destruction of his painting.

Relationships with Other Characters


Sir Cadogan can be quite tiresome, with his repeated demands that people "Stand and fight, ye scurvy cur!" Particularly as, being part of a painting, you cannot actually reach him to fight him, and he cannot reach you either.

Additionally, due to his perpetual clumsiness, he is something of a figure of fun to the people who have to deal with him.



Sir Cadogan is a useful object, because he can help Harry and his friends around the castle. He doesn't complicate much when action is needed, unlike many other artistic objects around the castles - the gargoyles being good examples.



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Greater Picture

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