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Gender Male
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Related Family Unknown
Loyalty Lord Voldemort

Overview edit

Avery (whose first name is never given) is a Death Eater. He has remained free.

Role in the Books edit

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Goblet of Fire edit

When the Trio are visiting Sirius Black in his cave, Sirius mentions that Avery was a member of a group of future death eaters that Severus Snape was also a part of and, from what he heard, got out of Azkaban by saying he had been under the Imperius curse, and was now at large.

When Lord Voldemort returns to life and summons his Death Eaters, Avery is one of the ones who returns to the call. Avery breaks ranks to plead for forgiveness and is rewarded with the Cruciatus curse.

Order of the Phoenix edit

In a dream, Harry sees Voldemort discussing a plan with one of his Death Eaters. It seems that Avery has suggested a certain way to retrieve an object, and it has not worked. Augustus Rookwood, a one-time Ministry employee, is explaining that it could never have worked, and Voldemort, hearing this, orders Avery to attend him. Harry wakes up, wrenches his attention away, and tries to ignore Voldemort torturing Avery.

Avery is one of the twelve Death Eaters ranged against Harry and the five other members of Dumbledore's Army in the climactic Battle in the Department of Mysteries. We believe that Avery was one of the ten Death Eaters left standing in the room of the Veil, and thus one of the nine held in that room by Albus Dumbledore's anti-Apparition spell at the end of the battle.

Half-Blood Prince edit

Avery is only mentioned in passing here due to being sent Azkaban at the end of the previous novel. Severus Snape names him among the Death Eaters who did not search for Voldemort following his failed attack on the Potters.

Twice, Professor Dumbledore and Harry visit Horace Slughorn's memories of one particular night when Slughorn is meeting with Tom Riddle and his associates. In both of those memories, Slughorn notes that it is eleven o'clock, and says that it is time to send the gathered students off to bed, remarking to two of them, Avery and Lestrange, that they have an essay due. It should be noted that this is not the same Avery we usually see, as he was born a generation later.

Deathly Hallows edit

In Severus Snape's memory, we see Lily Evans expressing dislike of Snape's friends, specifically naming Avery and Mulciber.

Strengths edit

Weaknesses edit

Avery doesn't seem to be very competent.

Relationships with Other Characters edit

Analysis edit

We've been given two references that Avery was a friend of Snape's when they were at Hogwarts. This contradicts Slughorn's memory in book six showing Avery as a friend of Tom Riddle's, a generation before Snape's. From this we are to assume that there are two Avery's and that the Avery that knew Tom Riddle is the father of the one that knew Snape. It is our belief that the Avery mentioned in most of the series is the later one, the one who knew Snape, and who would be about thirty years old during the series, rather than the one who went to school with Tom Riddle, who would be in his sixties during this story, if he is still alive.

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Greater Picture edit

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