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Araminta Meliflua Black
Gender Female
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Related Family Black Family
Loyalty Purebloods

Overview edit

Araminta Meliflua was a pure-blood witch and a member of the Black Family. She is Walburga Black's cousin and apparently tried to pass a bill that would make it legal to hunt muggles.

Role in the Books edit

Order of the Phoenix edit

While looking at the Black Family tapestry, she is one of the names that Sirius points out to Harry. According to Sirius at some point she tried to pass a bill through the Ministry that would make muggle hunting legal.

Strengths edit

Weaknesses edit

Relationships with Other Characters edit

Sirius views Araminta with contempt much like he does with the rest of the family.

Analysis edit

Araminta Meliflua seems to have an especially strong hatred for muggles, even compared to the rest of the family. The fact that she tried to make it legal to hunt muggles shows us that she viewed them to a level almost similar to animals. The level of loathing she has towards muggles makes her sound almost like a Death Eater, though we have no evidence that she ever was one or even had anything to do with the organization.

Questions edit

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  1. Why do you think Araminta Black tried to pass the Muggle Hunting Law?

Greater Picture edit

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