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Angelina Johnson
Gender Female
Hair color Black, in long braids
Eye color Brown
Related Family Unknown
Loyalty Gryffindor/ Dumbledore's Army



Angelina Johnson is a member of Gryffindor House. She is a tall black girl with long black hair, which she wears in plaits, and brown eyes. She is two years ahead of Harry, and plays Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. The author has said that her birthday is 24 October, making her one of the older students in her class year.

Role in the Books

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Angelina presumably has been practicing Quidditch with Harry since he was made Seeker in mid-September, but is first mentioned by name in the changing room where the team is getting ready for their first match, against Slytherin. Angelina, identified as a Chaser, here corrects Oliver, who has just started his speech by saying "Men..." Once the team take to the air, Lee Jordan, the announcer, mentions her when the Quaffle is in her possession, commenting as an aside that he is disappointed that she won't go out with him. Angelina scores several goals in this first match, against Slytherin.

We later hear that she has a penalty called against her in the match against Hufflepuff when Professor Snape is officiating.

Angelina plays Quidditch for Gryffindor house as Chaser alongside Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell. The season is abbreviated, so we don't see much of her.

Angelina plays as Chaser with the Gryffindor house Quidditch team, alongside Katie and Alicia.

With Quidditch being suspended for the Triwizard Tournament, we don't see as much of Angelina as we would expect.

Angelina is the first Gryffindor to successfully place her name in the Goblet of Fire; it does not, however, select her as a Champion.

Fred Weasley offhandedly asks Angelina to accompany him to the Yule Ball; Angelina considers briefly, then as offhandedly accepts, returning to her interrupted conversation with Alicia Spinnet. We see the two of them in the Entrance Hall before the Ball, and we later see them dancing "so exuberantly that people were backing away for fear of injury."

Angelina meets up with Harry at breakfast on the first day of classes, saying that with Oliver Wood having graduated, she has been made Captain, and the house Quidditch team will need a new Keeper. She says that there will be tryouts on Friday evening, and orders Harry to attend, saying that she wants the entire team to be present so that they can be sure that the new Keeper will fit in with the whole team. Harry is pleased at her being Captain; he believes that there will be much less talking with Angelina in charge.

When Harry gets detention from Professor Umbridge, Angelina is furious at him, deciding that it is his fault that he got detention, and orders him to do whatever he can to get out of detention and be there for practice. After she has gone, Ron comments that they should check with Puddlemere United and see if Oliver Wood is still alive, as Angelina seems to be channeling his spirit.

Finding that Harry was not able to convince Umbridge to change his Friday detention, Angelina angrily suggests that people who want to stay on the team will find a way to make it to practices.

Friday evening, after the try-outs, Angelina apologizes to Harry for her earlier curtness, and says that she may have been too hard on Wood; managing is a bit stressful. She goes on to say that Ron had not been the best Keeper she tried out, but of the two better, one was not willing to commit the time to practice and the other was a bit of a whiner, and Angelina is hoping that Ron, being from a family with excellent Quidditch players, will develop over time. She then says that there will be a practice Saturday at two, and asks Harry to please be there and to help Ron out a bit.

Before the practice starts, Angelina mentions that there are some people in the stands, and that the team should just ignore them. Harry suspects that these will be Slytherins, present to jeer, and so it turns out. In the warm-up before the practice, Ron passes the Quaffle to Katie too enthusiastically, and it catches her in the nose. Fred Weasley gives her something small and purple from his robe pocket, saying that it will clear up immediately. It does not, however. When Angelina tells her to do something about it, Fred examines what he has in his robe pocket and appears horrified by what he sees. Shortly afterwards, Angelina stops the practice; Alicia points Harry at Katie, who is being attended by Fred, George, and Angelina. Fred says that she had likely been given a Blood Blisterpod by mistake, and that he and George would take her to the Hospital Wing. Angelina says that with no Beaters and only two Chasers, there is no point continuing the practice, and dismisses them.

The following Monday, Harry mentions that Professor Quirrell happened to have Lord Voldemort stuck to the back of his head, and gets another week's detention from Professor Umbridge. On Tuesday morning, Angelina shouts at Harry loud enough that Professor McGonagall comes to see what is going on. She penalizes Harry five House points, in addition to his detention, because detention does not seem to work, and warns Angelina to confine her shouting to the Quidditch pitch.

Angelina is one of the students who attends the first meeting of what becomes Dumbledore's Army, in the Hog's Head.

When Educational Decree Number Twenty Four appears the next day, it is Angelina who tells Harry and Ron that it also means that the Gryffindor Quidditch Team has been disbanded. That night, Angelina tells them that there is no Quidditch practice, as Umbridge needs "time to consider;" but the Slytherin Quidditch team is already re-formed. The following day, Angelina comes to Harry and Ron at break, telling them that she has appealed to McGonagall and gotten the team re-formed. She tells Harry and Ron that practice will be at 7 that evening. Ron is dismayed, as the weather is simply appalling.

The weather has not improved by 7, and even though Angelina recalls that Hermione had used the Impervius charm earlier to give him at least some vision in similar circumstances, and has Harry teach that charm to the rest of the team, still very little is actually accomplished as nobody can see what is going on.

Harry is relieved a couple of days later when Angelina tells him that Quidditch practice is canceled, not only because the weather is still foul, but also because he has been told how to get into the Room of Requirement, and so has scheduled the first meeting of the Defence Against the Dark Arts group for that evening. He asks Angelina to pass the word to Alicia and Katie Bell. Angelina is a bit taken aback, but it seems she does tell the others.

Angelina schedules more Quidditch practice as the first game of the year, against Slytherin, approaches. As a result, there are fewer meetings of Dumbledore's Army.

Angelina leads the team into the match with Slytherin, a match which ultimately Gryffindor wins, despite Ron's poor Keeping, as Harry catches the Snitch for a final score of 160 to 40. Angelina, Alicia, and Katie then hold Fred back from attacking Draco Malfoy, who is taunting the entire Weasley family, while Harry holds George. When Draco starts insulting Harry's family as well, Harry is unable to restrain himself, and he and George attack Draco, while Fred remains restrained by the three Chasers.

Angelina is, of course, dismayed when she finds out that her Seeker and both of her Beaters have received lifetime bans, and goes off disconsolately to the girls dorms, saying that she is hoping that she will wake up in the morning and find this is all a bad dream.

At the last meeting of Dumbledore's Army before the Christmas break, Angelina tells Harry that she has finally managed to find new Beaters and a Seeker for the Quidditch team. The Seeker is Ginny Weasley, who is surprisingly good, though not a patch on Harry. It is Alicia who tells Harry the names of the new Beaters: Andrew Kirke and Jack Sloper.

While Angelina continues to lead the Quidditch team, Harry, being unwillingly reduced to a mere spectator, no longer interacts with her particularly on the pitch. In Dumbledore's Army, we assume that she still attends and performs to a reasonable standard, but we do not see anything in particular of her there either.

Summoned by the enchanted Galleon that was given to her by Hermione as a way to announce meetings of Dumbledore's Army, Angelina returns to Hogwarts in time to take part in the battle for the school.





Relationships with Other Characters


In the books she is shown to have a close relationship with fellow chasers Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet. She's known and liked by Harry, Ron and Hermione. Starting from the fourth book, we see tiny hints of a possible relationship between her and Fred Weasley. The two of them attend the Yule Ball in the fourth book, and Fred seems to have a bit of a crush on her.

For the final year of writing the seventh and final book, the author was followed by a camera team from the British TV network ITV. After completing the seventh book, the author drew up a chart of the Weasley family tree, which showed that George had married one Angelina, quite possibly Angelina Johnson, and had two children with her, named Roxanne and Fred. This does not seem to have completely pleased members of the fan community. A significant amount of fan fiction has emerged which revises the final Battle of Hogwarts to allow for Fred's survival, followed by his marriage to Angelina, leaving George free to hook up with Alicia Spinnet.





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  1. Why was Angelina a good choice for a Quidditch Captain?

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