Little things to be getting on with:

Technical and layout

  1. Go through each page and make sure we're cross-linking properly. For example, make sure that the writing page has a link through to the software section and vice-versa.
  2. Find other wikibooks which relate to the MMM (e.g. photography, sound recording etc).

Spreading the word

  1. Link to our wikibook from as many websites as possible to nudge up our Google ranking (but don't go overboard - we don't want to be blacklisted!)
  2. Encourage people from on- and off-line filmmaking communities to contribute to the MMM


  1. Go through the MMM and make as many links as possible to WikiPedia
  2. Go through the filmmaking content on WikiPedia and - where appropriate - add a link to the MMM


  1. Keep hacking away at creating new content.
  2. More pictures! Film makers like visuals. (but make sure the pictures are not copyrighted)


  • Change all the entries in the Table of Cameras to be like the Genesis camera entry
  • Create a template camera page
  • Write a brief how-to-edit-this-table in the table
  • Edit the links from the "format" section of the "table of cameras" to point to the correct part of table of formats.