Movie Making Manual/Scene Breakdown

A Scene Breakdown Page may be useful information if your play is structured in a series of formal Scenes in changing locations and time periods. It's also a good way to make a complicated Time Structure clear to a reader. But if you have fewer than 6 Scenes, it works as well to list them under each Act on the Setting & Time Page. And it's a clear way to indicate what kind of demands you're really putting on the Scene and Lighting Designers. If what you're doing with design is out of the ordinary, it's also a good idea to add a brief statement about this to your description on the Setting & Time page.

Here's one way of doing it . .



Scene 1 A Lecture Hall Now

Scene 2 The Forest 1635

Scene 3 Nate's Place Now

Scene 4 The Town Square 1635

Scene 5 The Forest 1635

Scene 6 Hester's House Now

Scene 7 Nate's Yard Now

Scene 8 A Field 1635


Scene 1 Nate's Office Now

Scene 2 Hester's House Now

Scene 3 The Town Square 1635

Scene 4 The Forrest 1635

Scene 5 A State Park Now

Scene 6 Hester's House Now