Movie Making Manual/Sample Shooting Kit

Kit for Shorts and ultra low-budget Independant feature films edit

This a the Sample Shooting Kit fot the Film Equipment Timeshare

Purpose: shorts and ultra low-budget independent feature films

I would love some feedback on this sample kit. Is it too little? Overkill? Do the estimated prices seem reasonable?

Feedback: Re sound recorder. For digital video, this would seem to be redundant. Direct input to the camera would do the trick.

Sony FX-1 HDV camera with long life battery 3000
9" LCD field monitor 300
Fluid head Tripod 700
Pro-Dolly 300
Handheld stabilization gear 300
Total 4600
Compact 1.2k HMI & accessories 1100
300w 3 head kit & accessories 300
800w & 1000w 2 head kit & accessories 500
Softboxes, flags, chromakeys, reflectors 300
Grip kit 200
Total 2400
24 Bit 96 kHz Hard disc recorder with mixer 1000
Mike & accessories 400
Set of radio mics 300
Headphones and accessories 200
Boom 100
Total 2000
First-aid kit 100
Walkie Talkie set 100
Various Flight Cases 800
Total 1000
Grand Total 10 000

The £10 000 total cost would be before discounts. For this particular kit 5 production companies could get it for the following prices:

  • Buy in £500 apiece (produces £2500)
  • Annual renewal £100 apiece (will produces £500/year)
  • Daily rental fee £25 (should produce a minimum of


Assuming financing at around 10% and annual insurance costs of about 10% of equipment value the equipment should be paid off in less than 2 years.

This could be a bank loan or vendor financing.

Each company would have guaranteed use of the equipment for 50 days per year more than enough to make at least 1 feature...

This is just an example, these partnership are flexible. A partnership with HD cameras and HBB portadrive sound equipment will have generally higher buy-in and fees whilst entry to a partnership aimed at documentaries could be the price of a good night out.