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The Movie Making Manual


The Movie Making Manual is a practical guide to filmmaking taking the form of a wikibook.

Wikibooks are online books which are editable by anyone. Anyone can update or change any page - this quickly produces accurate and detailed information. The concept of freely editable online information has been proven by the phenomenal success of the Wikipedia ( which has now overtaken Encyclopedia Britannica in number of entries, is far more up-to-date and in many cases is more accurate.

The more contributors a project has the greater the breadth and depth of the information on offer. We would like to invite you to come along and be an editor of/contributor to the Movie Making Manual.

Being an Editor entails doing one or more of the following:

  • Contributing content
  • Promoting the concept
  • Telling everyone you know about it both online and offline
  • Encouraging others to contribute to the project
  • Checking submitted postings
  • Dealing with vandalism (reverting pages)

The principals of the Movie Making Manual


Free as in Freedom


The books will be released under an open content license that means that they are free forever. No one can keep you from using these materials, modifying them or distributing them. Also, the license guarantees that any works that are derived from these materials will be similarly free to modify and distribute, forever.

Free as in Money


Should filmmakers really spend $50 or more for a filmmaking book when they can get the same information for free? These texts are owned by the community and the world, not an individual or company.

Academia Meets the Real World


Our filmmaking book is started by filmmakers and is continually augmented by working filmmakers. These are no ex-filmmakers seeking additional income, these are the people at the coal face.

Up-to-the-minute Changes


Readers will never have to wait months or years for another edition to come out that incorporates the latest changes in the field. The very minute a discovery or advancement is made the text can be updated to reflect that change. With the radical pace of change in the digital film era this is a good thing.

Built-in Feedback


Every module in the books has its own associated talk page where filmmakers can ask each other questions and help each other with the material.

Global Access


Filmmakers from around the world who have access to the Web can find quality educational information, regardless of financial status, local/regional educational restrictions, or proximity to an educational institution.