Movie Making Manual/Los Angeles

Publications edit

Backstage West

When you first arrive in LA, buy a copy of Backstage West so see what is happening on non-union production, including all student films. This magazine is published once a week and sold at most newstands in Hollywood. It lists all the jobs available that week. Note: DramaLogue has merged into Backstage West. Old guidebooks will mention DramaLogue rather than Backstage West. DramaLogue was a wonderful publication. Even if you are not an actor, you should read this regularly so you understand the life of the actor. Never be without this. For actors, Backstage West will tell you where to get head shots... which is your next step.

Actor Fest

If you are an actor, go to Actor Fest. Run by the people from Backstage West who are appropriately called "Back Stage".

UCLA Extension - Entertainment Studies

The UCLA Extension should never be confused with UCLA. Two different organizations, almost same location. Download the Class Schedule for Entertainment Studies. While the classes are not as useful as they once were, they are still worth looking at... specially the first night if it is free.

When you become more sophisticated, you need to read:


At one time, there were two semi-independant publications: Daily Variety for people who are Studio Executives and Weekly Variety for people who want to become Studio Executives. You can sign up for Variety at any of the tradeshows held in the LA area for film... usually for half price. In the meantime, read it at the library of the Screen Actors Guild.

The Hollywood Reporter

This print magazine is an alternative to Variety. I have not tried the on-line magazine. Variety and Hollywood Reporter have totally different feels to them. Personal taste decides.

Organizations edit

Filmmakers Alliance A nonprofit collective providing support and resources to independent filmmakers in Los Angeles.