Movie Making Manual/How to navigate this book

There are several ways to find your way around this book:

  • Now there are general overviews which briefly explain all the steps for an area.
  • You could use the table of contents on the front page. The links on the right in small type are just a selection of the total pages available. The links on the far left (e.g. Funding and budgeting) will take you to a table of contents for that category. These lists-of-pages-within-a-category are automatically produced so they are a little ugly but they do have the advantage that they contain every single page within that category (as compared to the manually-produced front page which only contains a small selection of the complete set of pages)
  • Alternatively, you could use the hierarchically organised contents page. By following the links to the sub-categories, you can access every single page in the book.

Please be aware that Wikipedia has a lot of film related information. Useful Wikipedia categories are:

Also be aware that Wikiversity has a section on learning filmmaking which is just getting started. The first course in filmmaking is at: