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Table of Cameras Table of Formats
Model number
Manufacturer Kinetta
Intro date TBC
Category Film-style HD
Format(s) Uncompressed HD
Mediums DDR
Sensor resolution Sensor agnostic
Aspect ratio
Sensor tech
Sensor manufacturer
# sensors 1
Sensor size
Recording res & fps 1920x1080/p (2.1MP)
Shutter mechanism
Shutter speeds
Luma sampling freq.
Chroma subsampling 4:4:4(dual HDSDI) 4:2:2(HDSDI)
Colour model
Colour depth 10bit log
Low light performance
Available sensitivities
Lens cine
In-built filters
Adjustable gamma
LCD size
Dynamic Range
Signal to Noise Ratio
Video outputs
Video inputs
Audio inputs
Audio Compression Uncompressed
# audio channels 12
audio sample rate 96kHz
audio quantisation 24bit
Digital IO dual HD SDI
Notes not yet released

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