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How celluloid works

2 perf 35mmEdit

For a general description of 2-perf 35mm, see here:

Suppliers of 2-perf camerasEdit

  • Solid Entertainment (based in Malmo in Southern Sweden)
  • Mark Hope-Jones, (London, UK)



footage per minute:
1min @ 25fps on 4-perf 35mm = 93.8ft
1min @ 25fps on 2-perf 35mm = 46.2ft
1min @ 25fps on s16mm = 37.5ft

stock costs (new):
400ft of 35mm 5218 (Kodak Vision2 500T) = £142.80
400ft of 16mm 7218 (Kodak Vision2 500T) =  £80.33

developing (Technicolor):
16mm = 9p/foot
35mm = 11.5p/foot

So, the total costs per minute for stock + dev @ 25fps: 

4-perf 35mm = £44.27
2-perf 35mm = £21.81
super-16mm  = £10.91

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