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The Panasonic HVX-200 is a low-cost professional fixed lens HD camera released in December 2005 (NTSC) and April 2006 (PAL).

Model number
Manufacturer Panasonic
Intro date 2005
Category Low budget HD
Price $6k
Format(s) DVCproHD, DVCpro50, DVCpro, DV
Mediums MiniDV, P2
Sensor resolution 1280x720 (0.9MP) with pixel shift
Aspect ratio 16:9 / 4:3 (SD only)
Sensor tech native 1080/60 progressive CCD (not confirmed by Panasonic, might be smaller and use pixel-shifting)
Sensor manufacturer
# sensors 3
Sensor size 1/3"
Recording res & fps 1080/60i, 1080/24p, 1080/30p, 720/60p, 720/24p, 720/30p, 480/60i, 480/24p, 480/30p
Some variable framerates in 720p
Shutter mechanism
Shutter speeds 1/30th - 1/2000th depending on mode
Luma sampling freq.
Chroma subsampling 4:2:2
Colour model
Colour depth
Low light performance 6 lux
Available sensitivities
Lens Wide angle Leica Dicomar high definition lens with optical image stabilizer
In-built filters ND, size=82mm
Adjustable gamma CineGamma™ and NewsGamma
Viewfinder electronic
LCD size 3.5"
Dynamic Range 7 stops?
Signal to Noise Ratio
Video outputs HD component (D4), composite, s-vid
Video inputs composite, s-vid
Audio inputs 2 x XLR
Audio Compression PCM
# audio channels 4
audio sample rate 48kHz
audio quantisation 16bit
Digital IO IEEE1394, USB2
Notes not yet released

Features edit

  • Variable frame rates and resolutions, including (in the NTSC version):
  • 1080: 60i, 30p
  • 720: 60p, 48p, 36p, 32p, 30p, 26p, 24p, 22p, 20p, 18p, 12p
  • 480: 60i, 30p, 24p
  • Professional/Robust format (DVCPRO-HD)
  • Tapeless recording (P2 memory cards)
  • Professional Audio (48 kHz 16-bit 4-channel PCM audio, 2xXLR)

Competitors edit

In the field of semiprofessional HDTV cameras, the main competitors of the HVX200 (all of which use the HDV format) are (as of January 2006):

Films made with the HVX200 edit

Tips and tricks edit

  • Additional framerates: How to add 720p 2,3,4,6,8,10,14,16,23,27,28,34,38,40,42,44,46,50,52,54,56,58 fps: info
  • Flipping the internal LCD screen (for use with 35 mm adapters): info

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