Movie Making Manual/Call Sheet

Call sheets give the broad and essential details of a day's shooting. Typically, you would send a call sheet out to every member of the cast and crew as early as possible. During production, this usually means the night before!

What a Call Sheet contains

  • Project title
  • Date
  • Day out of days (e.g. "day 3 of a 5 day shoot")
  • Location(s) for the day
  • Parking details
  • Contact details for (at least) the principal members of the crew (e.g. Producer, Production Manager, 1st AD, Location Manager)
  • Recommended clothing (e.g. "wear black" or "wear full waterproofing")
  • Scenes to be shot for the day
  • Broad schedule (the call sheet doesn't usually include the shot-by-shot schedule)
    • Call times
    • Makeup and wardrobe times
    • Scenes
    • Travel
    • Breaks
    • Estimated wrap time
  • Weather forecast
  • Details of the local hospital
  • Details of the local police
  • Equipment details
  • Hire company details