Mother 3/Characters/Kumatora

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Kumatora (クマトラ, Kumatora) is a tomboyish princess with bright pink hair and a playable character in Mother 3. She is the only female party member. A skilled PSI user, she shares characteristics of both Paula and Poo from EarthBound. Her weapons of choice are gloves and gauntlets. She is the princess of Osohe Castle, according to other characters.

Through the game, her PSI abilities grow, allowing her to defeat stronger and stronger foes as the game progresses. The main gameplay of Mother 3 relies on the party members battling and receiving Experience Points (called EXP in the game) to level up. Both Kumatora and Lucas (the two PSI users you can control) learn PSI as they level up.

Kumatora is the only character in the game who can learn the powerful PSI Starstorm and PSI Ground attacks, among other defensive PSI moves.

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  • Unused sprites of Kumatora "teleporting down" in an outfit reminiscent of those worn by Magypsys have been found via debug room.
  • In the 2nd Chapter of the game, Wes (father of the main character Duster) has to dance to open a door to receive an egg. Files have been found on the internet of someone animating Kumatora to do the dance as well.
  • Kumatora's name roughly translates to "bear tiger" (kuma + tora).