Mother 3/Characters/Flint

Flint (フリント, Furinto), a stereotypical cowboy, is a playable character in Mother 3.


In Mother 3, Flint and his family (Lucas, Claus, and Hinawa) and his dog Boney, live in the small Tazmily Village. Flint appears in several chapters (especially Chapter One, in which he is the main character). In his appearances, he has teamed up with Duster (a mountain-climbing thief) and his dog Boney. He has great trust in his friends, as shown at the end of Chapter 2. His equipment includes 2×4s and hats. Flint also makes an appearance in the final chapter, although he is a non-playable character.


  • Brandish – Attack all enemies.
  • All or Nothing – Gives either a "SMAAAASH!!" hit or a miss.
  • Attack up – Raises Flint's offense.
  • Harden – Increase Flint's defense.