Monopoly/Monopoly for Sore Losers

Published in 2020 to create and celebrate sore losers, Monopoly for Sore Losers throws a twist into the classic game by introducing a sore loser mechanic, which involves temporarily taking control of a special Mr. Monopoly token that allows the player controlling him to take all of the frustrating mechanics of the original game, and twist them in their favour.

This rules page will only detail the rules unique to Monopoly for Sore Losers, so as not to become too complex.

Unique Equipment edit

Alongside the usual Monopoly equipment, Monopoly for Sore Losers also comes with the following equipment:

  • 30 sore loser coins. These are red circular cardboard token with Mr. Monopoly's face on them. They are used as part of the sore loser mechanic.
A sore loser coin. Collect these to grab the Mr. Monopoly token!
  • The Mr. Monopoly token, a large silver statue of Mr. Monopoly on a translucent red base. It is assembled before gameplay begins and is used as part of the sore loser mechanic.
The Mr. Monopoly token. Get it if you can!
  • Six reference cards which explain the sore loser mechanic. These are dealt to every player participating in the game at game start.

In addition to this new equipment, the existing equipment has undergone some changes:

  • There are six tokens (the battleship, dog, cat, racecar, T. rex and penguin), which have new designs unique to this game featuring the tokens in unfortunate situations (for example the battleship is sinking and the car has one of its front wheels clamped).
  • The board and title deed cards have unique designs which use the box art as an aesthetic basis. Also, there are only 26 title deeds, two less than the standard game. This is because in this game, the utilities are no longer properties, but instead act as additional tax spaces, both charging a fee of 150.
  • The dice are black with red pips. Unlike standard Monopoly, during the initial roll to determine turn order, the player with the lowest total goes first.
  • The Chance and Community Chest cards are themed around the sore loser mechanics.

The Sore Loser Mechanic edit

The sore loser mechanic is the central aspect of Monopoly for Sore Losers. It is controlled with sore loser coins, of which two are dealt to each player at the beginning of the game and the rest are placed in the centre of the board and belong to the Bank.

Collecting Sore Loser Coins edit

During a player's turn, if any of the following events happens, they may take one sore loser coin from the centre of the board and add it to their stockpile:

  • They have to pay rent to another player.
  • They have to pay a tax or bill to the Bank.
  • They go to Jail for any reason.
  • They land on a property that they own.
  • They draw a Chance or Community Chest card that instructs them to collect a sore loser coin.
  • The player with the Mr. Monopoly token lands on the same space as them.

The maximum number of sore loser coins a player many possess is four - if a coin-collection event occurs whilst a player has four coins, nothing happens.

Sore loser coins may also be involved in trades.

If a player lands on Free Parking, they are allowed to steal a sore loser coin from another player's stockpile. If the landing player already has four coins, nothing happens.

If a player goes bankrupt, their sore loser coins are returned to the centre of the board.

The Mr. Monopoly Token edit

Collecting sore loser coins allows you to grab the ultimate prize of the game - the Mr. Monopoly token!

If, at the beginning of their turn, a player has four sore loser coins, they may cash them in by returning them to the centre of the board. Then that player may take the Mr. Monopoly token, which will temporarily take the place of their original token. Their original token is placed in the centre of the board and the Mr. Monopoly token will be placed on the space that player is occupying. Cashing in sore loser coins must be done before the dice are rolled.

A player may also take the Mr. Monopoly token if they draw a Chance or Community chest card instructing them to do so.

If the player who becomes Mr. Monopoly is in Jail, they are automatically released.

Then the player who took Mr. Monopoly may roll and move as normal. Whilst a player is Mr. Monopoly, they cannot collect sore loser coins, and the various actions that player takes when landing on spaces are changed, usually in their favour:

  • If Mr. Monopoly's owner lands on a space owned by another player, that player must pay Mr. Monopoly's owner the property's current rent, which will be affected by building development and mortgage status. The player who has to pay also takes one sore loser coin.
  • If Mr. Monopoly's owner lands on a tax or bill space, they collect the amount specified on the space from the Bank.
  • If Mr. Monopoly's owner lands on the Go To Jail space, they must select one other player to go to Jail in their place. The Mr. Monopoly token remains on the Go to Jail space.
  • If Mr. Monopoly's owner rolls three consecutive doubles, they do not go to Jail. They move again, resolve the space's action, and roll again to continue their turn.
  • If Mr. Monopoly's owner lands on Free Parking, they must select one other player to return a sore loser coin to the Bank.

In addition, the actions a player must take from some Chance and Community Chest cards will be different if Mr. Monopoly's owner draws them.

When another player cashes in their sore loser coins to take the Mr. Monopoly token, Mr. Monopoly's original owner will restore their original token to their location, before handing Mr. Monopoly over to his new owner, who will replaced their token with Mr. Monopoly.

Doubles Houses edit

When any player rolls doubles, Mr. Monopoly's owner must place one house on any street on the board. Unlike with normal building, a doubles house may be placed on any street, even if it does not belong to Mr. Monopoly's owner or form part of a complete set, and doubles houses do not have to follow the even building rule.

If no houses are left in the Bank, nothing happens. Also, doubles houses may not be placed on streets that already have four houses, and they may not be used to upgrade four-house groups to hotels.

If a player buys a property that has had houses built on it due to this rule, they pay the normal price and get the houses for free.

Building Changes edit

Unlike with standard Monopoly, buildings are permanent and may not be sold.

If a player wishes to build buildings in the standard method on a colour group which is developed unevenly due to the doubles houses rule, houses must be purchased in such a way that the even building rule is restored for that colour set as quickly as possible. The even building rule must be followed during this restoration.

If a player conducts a trade that grants them a street with buildings on it, the buildings remain and start contributing rent to them. If a complete colour group is broken up as a result of a trade, building via the standard method on that colour group must be halted until the colour group is reunited.

If a street with buildings on it is mortgaged, the buildings are mothballed and no rent is collected from that street until it is unmortgaged.

Trapping and Stealing edit

If the owner of the Mr. Monopoly token lands on the same space as another player, the Mr. Monopoly token is placed over that token, so that the base covers it. The player under Mr. Monopoly is now trapped, and they will be unable to move until Mr. Monopoly moves away, although they can still take part in auctions, collect rent and trade. They also collect one sore loser coin.

Mr. Monopoly's owner is also allowed to steal one property from the trapped player. This property may not be part of a complete set. Like with trades, If Mr. Monopoly's owner steals a street with buildings on it, the buildings remain and start contributing rent to them.

If Mr. Monopoly's owner lands on a space occupied by two or more players, he is allowed to steal properties from all of them.

If Mr. Monopoly's owner lands on the Jail space, he covers both the Jail and Just Visiting spaces.

These rules do not apply if a player becomes Mr. Monopoly whilst already on the same space as another player(s). The other player(s) is/are unhindered and may move on their next turn, and no properties may be stolen.

End of the Game edit

There are two ways a game of Monopoly for Sore Losers may end.

The first way to end the game is if all but one player goes bankrupt, as in standard Monopoly. The last player standing is the winner.

The second way to end the game is more complex, and begins once all of the properties have been purchased. Once this occurs, the final phase of the game begins. During this final phase, the players will move around the board one last time, making their way towards GO. Once they reach the GO space they stop, even if they have moves remaining, and collect 200 as with a normal pass. Once a player has reached GO for the final time, they stop taking turns and wait for the other players to catch up, although they can still collect and pay rent, and go bankrupt.

If Mr. Monopoly's owner reaches GO, they are not allowed to steal a property.

Once all of the players have reached GO, the players all collect rent from the Bank for each property they own, receiving each property's current rent value. Then the players count up their money, and the player with the most capital wins.