The first step of learning any language is learning to read and write its script, and Meitei language (officially known as "Manipuri language") is no exception. Pronunciation is not too hard as the language makes use of largely fundamental sounds. It is very similar to Spanish, Italian and Latin in both fundamental pronunciations (minus regional accents) and of being a phonetic language (language that pronounces the words the way they are exactly spelt/read).

"Meetei Mayek" (literally meaning "Meitei script"), written in Meitei script

Meitei language uses Meitei script as well as Bengali script for its writings. Meitei script is an abugida writing system (pseudo-alphabet system), like almost most of the Indian writing systems. It is not a full alphabet writing system, like those of Greek alphabet, Latin alphabet or Cyrillic alphabet. Though Meitei language belongs to a family associated with Chinese language, regarding the writing system, Meitei script is not parallel to the Chinese writing system. From the existence of this language until 17th century AD, Meitei language used ancient Meitei script (old Manipuri script). From the 18th century until 20th century and in many times even today, it uses Bengali script. Right from 2003-2004 till today, the usage of Meitei script is successfully revived with the efforts of Meitei people to replace the Bengali script for Meitei language. As with anything, practice makes perfect, and the best way to keep practicing to read Meitei is by exploring online and offline platforms in Meitei language, including Meitei Wikipedia articles, Meitei Wiktionary, Manipuri language books, etc. and trying to read out the words and sentences even if they do not seem to make sense for you at first.

Meitei script is not found in all the computers of the different countries of the world. From mobile phones, it can seen by most nations of the world but from desktops and laptops, it may or may not be seen properly. In case if your computer does not support Meitei script fonts, you will see boxes or other forms of errors in display. On the 11th of May of the year 2022, Google Translate added Meitei language along with Meitei script. It will make the learners have ease in learning the language along with its own native script.

Meitei script has the following sections of letters:

  1. Full sound carrying letters
  2. Half sound carrying letters
  3. Diacritics