Modern Media Hebrew Corpus

Excerpts from the online editions of the three Hebrew newspapers of widest circulation [1] appearing in Israel: Yediot Aharonot, Maariv and Haaretz. The excerpts are taken from articles written originally in Hebrew (not translated from Reuters, say) and published after the turn of the century. Only articles accessible to anonymous surfers have been utilized.

The excerpts are chosen as to illustrate grammatical constructs. Since the interest is in Media Hebrew, rather than colloquial Hebrew, verbatim quotations are disregarded. That is to say, if a news article says: The Prime Minister said: "We must reach a resolution.", whatever is in the quotation will not be excerpted, however had this sentence been phrased so: The Prime Minister said, that the government had to reach a conclusion.", than the phrase "the government had to reach a conclusion" might well be used as an excerpt. The excerpt are taken only from the body of the article, not from its title or subtitle.

Footnotes edit

  1. According to the Hebrew Wikipedia articles about these three newspapers. Note however, that this claim is not sourced in those articles.