Minecraft resource gathering/Copper

A real life copper nugget.

Finding copperEdit

Copper is found underground in the form of copper ore veins.


To do:
Specify levels and areas in which Copper is likely to be found.

Mining copperEdit

Players must mine copper with a stone, or higher quality, pickaxe. Mining the block with a wooden pickaxe will destroy the block without giving any copper ore.

Each copper ore drops between 2 and 4 copper.

Refining copperEdit

When a copper ore block is broken, it will drop Raw Copper, which will have to be smelted to be turned into copper ingots.

Crafting recipes that use copperEdit

Putting nine copper ingots in a square using a crafting table will craft a block of copper, while three copper ingots arranged in a vertical line will craft a lightning rod, and putting an amethyst shard and two copper ingots together in a vertical line will craft a spyglass.


Copper ore was officially added to Minecraft in the Caves & Cliffs update (1.17).[1]