Minecraft Speedrunning/Classic Bartering

Classic bartering is a beginner strategy for obtaining ender pearls and is generally not as fast as bastion routing.

It consists of just mining nether gold ore for gold nuggets then crafting gold ingots and bartering these with stray piglins and hoping for two ender pearl trades. In the version 1.16.1, there is around a 4.73% for four to eight pearls from each gold ingot and you would prefer to have more than 12 pearls so on average you will need two ender pearl barters to have enough to beat the game. Stray piglins will only spawn in the nether biomes of Nether Wastes and Crimson Forests and they tend to wander so it can be useful building a pit or putting them in boats so they stay in place while bartering so you can mine more gold or look for a fortress. Be careful since piglins will attack you when you mine nether gold ore even if you have gold armour on. You can give them gold ingots to distract them or simply run/kill them.

Note that with this strategy you will tend to only obtain pearls and not much potions of fire res/obsidian/string/crying obsidian/glowstone and other useful items that would be obtained in a bastion strategy. This means it is generally slower and more linear.