Minecraft/Manual of Style

Page names edit

They should all start with a "Minecraft/" prefix. They use Title Case, exept for the following words:

  1. and
  2. in
  3. of
  4. the

Unless that word is the start of the title, like in "The End".

Links, items and mob naming, word style edit

There is no Skeleton, it is skeleton. Only "TNT", "The End", "Nether" and "Overworld" are capitalized.

Mobs edit

Mob pages look something like this:


|intro=Something short and sweet.

|spawning=In the Overworld in the dark, or in water at all light levels.

|class={{minecraft/fallimmune}}{{minecraft/water dwelling}}

|drops=*1 - 3 [[../Experience|exp. points]]

|des=This is the description.

|strategy=Tips for fighting or using this mob to your advantage.

Stuff like achivements:
{{minecraft/achivement|Zombie doctor}}

Block pages edit

Block pages use {{minecraft/block}}. A block is anything that can be placed into the world. It follows this layout:


Some block can be used for somethingorother, but don't go too in depth. This is only a short intro.

Obtaining edit

Every block page must have this section. First begin with crafting recepies, then it's location.

Use edit

In depth description on its function or how to use it. May be as long as needed, but must not go too far off topic.

Crafting edit

What crafting recipes use this block.

Achievements edit


Item pages edit

Similar to blocks, but use {{minecraft/item}} instead.

Block/item arguments edit

  • stack (required): both. The stack size for blocks and items
  • blastres (required): blocks only. The blast resistance of a block.
  • transparent: blocks only. Whether or not the block allows light through.
  • luminance: blocks only. How much light the block emits.
  • falls: blocks only. Whether or not it reacts to gravity.
  • flammable: blocks only. Whether or not it catches fire and burns away.
  • tool: blocks only. The tool/item required to mine it.
  • besttool: blocks only. The fastest tool/item that can mine it. Use instead of "tool" if it will drop if mined by hand.
  • drops: blocks only. Its drops without silk touch.
  • silk: blocks only. Its drops with silk touch. If left blank, it deafults to drops

Arguments go like this: {{Minecraft/block|blastres=1|stack=64|flammable=yes}}

Crafting edit


Makes: Crafting recipe:


This makes something.

Each item has a number key (1-9) for each slot. Each item or block must be title case, even though the output isn't. This is to make sure it links to the correct place.

Brewing edit

{{minecraft/brewing|Nether Wart|Water Bottle|Awkward Potion}}




This makes Awkward Potion.