Microsoft Office/Spacing and Special Characters

Spacing edit

MS Word has many options for formatting spacing, the most commonly used are for selecting spacing between lines, and the spacing between paragraphs. These options are both on the 'Format → Paragraph' dialog. As you might expect, the 'Line spacing' option sets that spacing between adjacent lines, while the 'Before / After' Spacing sets the space between different paragraphs.

If you have text that belongs on a new line, but is still part of the same paragraph, then you can use 'SHIFT-ENTER' to insert a newline while remaining in the same paragraph.

Special Symbols edit

Special symbols (Greek letters, typographic marks, small icons or pictures), can be inserted by using the Menus 'Insert → Symbol...'. Most commonly used symbols are included in the main fonts, while commonly used icons are in the 'Windings' or 'Webdings' fonts.

Locate the symbol you wish to insert and click 'Insert' to place it into your document at the current cursor position (also known as the 'insertion point').